Wooden Moon Balance Toy + Bright Color Blocks by Boxiki Kids

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  • CREATE, PLAY & GROW Experience the wonder of educational play! This balancing moon encourages your little one to move carefully, think critically and play imaginatively, all while enjoying a fun and interactive game

  •  DEVELOP DEXTERITY & PROBLEM SOLVING How many blocks can you add before the moon tips over? This wood balancing game challenges kids to develop the dexterity and problem solving skills needed to place blocks without bringing the moon tumbling down

  •  ENCOURAGE CREATIVE PLAY Stimulate your childs creativity with this balance moon! With its bright colors and playful design, these balance blocks help train color recognition while inspiring your child to be creative, imaginative and curious

  •  FEEL THE QUALITY You want the best for your child, and we want to make sure you find it! Crafted with high quality woods and bright, shiny paints, this balance moon and wooden stacking game is chemical-free, beautifully designed and made to last! ASTM F 963 certified

  •  PLAY TOGETHER Perfect for 1-4 players, these balancing toys make an interactive play-date companion or early education classroom game. Its a wonderful opportunity to help your child work on social skills, sharing and playing kindly together.


Encourage Creative Play!

How many cylinders can you add before the moon comes tumbling down? What is the moons name? How many red blocks are in the set? This wooden balancing toy provides you with so many options for developing your childs body, mind and creativity! Whether its making up an imaginative story about who the moon is, training color and shape differentiation skills, working on problem solving techniques, or developing fine motor skillsthis moon balancing toy stimulates your childs mind, develops their muscles and engages their imagination. This kinetic balance toy is a wonderful way to inspire your child to think creatively, while enjoying precious quality time together and making beautiful childhood memories!


  • Stimulates Brain Development
  • Encourages Fine Motor Skills
  • Promotes Cognitive Thinking
  • Portable Lightweight Design
  • All Natural Materials

            Multi-Purpose Use

            Looking for an engaging and educational balance training toy? This balancing toy is not only an amusing game, but also encourages problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination and creativity. This true balance toy can be used by multiple children at once, making it a wonderful opportunity to help young children understand concepts like sharing and playing kindly. So whether youre spending time with your child, bringing it out for siblings to enjoy together, or giving them a quiet on-their-own activity, you can be sure your child will be learning and growing!

            Gift Ideas

            In search of a fun learning toy set for a special child in your life? This wooden balance moon toy, with its imaginative design and high quality materials, makes an exciting gift that children will be thrilled to receive! Balance and coordination toys make an excellent addition to early childhood classrooms or young families. This little moon is sure to be a well-loved piece!


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