Adjustable Multipurpose Workout Gloves for Men & Women by Astorn

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  • UPGRADE YOUR WORKOUT Enhance your workout with these gym gloves! While other gloves are too heavily padded, limit flexibility, or cause excessive perspiration, these lightweight gloves provide the comfortable hand protection and support you need
  • INCREASE STRENGTH These shock absorbent neoprene workout gloves prevent calluses and blisters and alleviate muscle pain. Strategically designed to evenly distribute pressure, these gym & biking gloves relieve hand fatigue and increase strength
  •  BREATHE EASY Made of breathable and flexible neoprene, its never been easier to manage hand perspiration and keep cool and mobile. These bicycle gloves are padded enough to protect without limiting comfort or mobility. Dont sweat your workout
  • GO THE EXTRA MILE These cycling and gym workout gloves are made to provide you with the strength, support and confidence needed for your most intense rides and routines. Going that extra mile matters, and these gloves will help achieve your goals
  • FEEL THE FRICTION —  Get the perfect grip through the duration of your workout. Whether youre cycling, lifting weights, or training through a cross fit routinethese power lifting gloves provide the friction you need to finish your rep in confidence.

Going The Extra Mile Matters

Take your workout experience to the next level with these weight lifting and mountain bike gloves. While other gloves can interfere with your mobility, cause excessive perspiration or not provide a secure enough gripthese durable, lightweight gloves provide the high friction and comfortable protection you need! Alleviate pressure, relieve fatigue, and increase hand strength with these lightly padded thin workout gloves. Get the firm grip you need on heavy weights or mountain bike handle bars with their high friction, anti-slip surface. Feel the comfort of breathable, flexible, antiperspirant materials. Go the extra mile, and finish your workout in comfort, confidence and style.


  • Lightly padded fingerless gloves
  • Prevents calluses and blisters
  • Secure, high-friction & anti-slip grip
  • Breathable, flexible and durable materials
  • Strategically padded to relieve pressure and increase strength
  • Adjustable velcro design fits men, women and youths

              Multi-Purpose Use

              Cycling across rocky terrain, lifting weights or training for a triathlon? These cross fit lifting gloves are a versatile solution. With their high-friction design, lightweight padding, and durable construction, these fitness training gloves protect your hands and help you achieve all your athletic goals. So whatever your routine, you can be sure of finishing off with strength and comfort.


              Your workout is important, and thats why our line of fitness products are made with the highest quality materials. These cycling and gym fitness gloves are designed to provide you with the strength, support and confidence needed for your most intense rides and routines. Made of durable materials and expertly craftedthese athletic workout gloves provide you with a quality solution that you can count on for years to come.

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