Posture Brace & Back Support for Men & Women (Small) by Astorn

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  • IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE — Ready to improve your back posture and correct issues like slouching or swayback? This brace provides premium posture support by naturally aligning shoulders, arms, and back to help you maintain the best possible placement
    • GET BACK PAIN RELIEF — Recovering from a minor back injury or experiencing chronic spinal pain? This back support brace will give the additional lower and upper back support you need to help relieve back pressure and prevent further injury.
    •  LOOK & FEEL CONFIDENT —  Feel good again! A healthy back plays a major roll in how you look and feel. With correct posture, you’ll stand tall and feel confident, strong and healthy. Never let poor posture or back pain get in the way of your dreams.
    • EXPERIENCE COMFORTABLE SUPPORT — Comfort matters. This clavicle posture brace supports your back without restricting motion or cutting into your arms. You’ll be able to get to work, focus, and feel the relief of healthy straight back posture.
    • LONG TERM HEALTH — This posture and back support belt will show you what good posture feels like and train your muscles to hold it. Do what’s right for your body, and take the first step to healthy upper and lower back posture and a healthy life!

    It’s time to feel good again!

    Good posture plays a key roll in how you look and feel, and ultimately it’s vital to your long-term health. Experiencing chronic back pain, hunched shoulders, swayback or forward head posture? This lumbar & clavicle brace will naturally re-align your shoulders, arms and back to help you improve posture and maintain the ideal placement for your body. It will train your muscles to hold that position, so that you can stand tall, confident and healthy.

    Take the first step to spinal health, and never let poor posture or back pain stand in the way of living your dreams.


    • Supports upper back, lower back and healthy back posture
    • Naturally aligns neck, shoulders, arms and back
    • Relieves chronic back pain
    • Comfortable padded design
    • Easy to adjust without help
    • Slim design fits under clothes
    • Doesn’t loosen or shift while wearing
    • Provides Lumbar Support, Clavicle Support & Spine Support

    Relieves & Prevents:

    • Slouching, Forward Head Posture, Sway Back
    • Strains, Sprains, Sports Injuries
    • Scoliotic Decompensation, Progressive Spinal Curvature
    • Collarbone Pain, Osteoporosis Pain
    • Misaligned Spine

    Posture Tips

    • Stand up tall, with your head and neck aligned
    • Keep your shoulders down and your chest open
    • Tuck your chin in very slightly & avoid stretching your head and neck forward
    • Be aware of your posture and correct issues such as slouching throughout the day
    • Keep your spine mobile through basic stretching and regular exercise

     Be Your Healthiest Self

    Comfort matters. Health matters. Whether you’re recovering from a spinal injury, experiencing chronic back pain or suffering from pain related to poor posture, this back posture corrector can help you achieve the spinal health you’re looking for. It’s time to do what’s right for your body, and take the first step to healthy posture and a healthy life!

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