Kids Car Tray and Travel Tray for Eat & Play

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  • NO MORE TRAVEL TROUBLE – Keep toys, crayons, books, snacks and water safe and within easy reach of your child while traveling; they'll stay busy and content during travel, for trips that are more fun
  • VERSATILE DESIGN – Fits comfortably over your child's legs, creating a surface that's easy to use and helps keep your car clean; great for all travel, including cars, airplanes, buses, trains, and strollers
  • EASY TO CLEAN – The nylon surface is waterproof and won't absorb spills, simply wipe with a damp cloth; the entire car organizing tray is durable and designed for frequent use by your child
  • SIMPLE TO USE – Compact design stores easily until you're ready to use, then simply buckle around your child's waist; Note: do not buckle backseat organizer tray around child's car seat
  • HIGH QUALITY TODDLER SNACK TRAY – 16”x 13” size, sturdy and built to withstand regular travel; made from nylon fabric, 100% safe and tested material, won't affect car or vehicle safety

This car organizer tray and kid travel desk is an outstanding solution for long or short trips in the car, airplane travel, buses, trains or even the stroller:

- Nylon material
- 16”x 13” size
- Large mesh side pockets and water bottle holder
- Waterproof, simple to wipe clean
- 100% safe, soft surface bends on impact

Keep your kids entertained and your car floor clean with this handy, high quality kids' snack tray and toddler travel tray.

Trust Boxiki for High Quality Kids Car Accessories

This travel toy organizer is designed to make trips easier and more fun – works with strollers, too! The large mesh pockets can hold pens and crayons, small books, toys, tablets and games, paper, and more. There's a separate water bottle pocket. 
The surface provides a convenient area for play, drawing, reading, eating, or anything your child needs to do to stay busy and content during the journey. Keep everything secure and within your child's reach.

Travel Made Easy and Fun

This is not just a car organizer for kids or a baby snack tray – this is a complete travel organizer for kids that makes eating, playing, and getting through long trips easier and more enjoyable. Mount on your child's stroller for daily use. 
Boxiki is a brand known for dependable toddler travel accessories.

100% Safe Child's Travel Tray

This back seat organizer with tray features a soft nylon surface that bends in the event of impact – it will NOT injure your child or affect car or travel safety. The waterproof nylon surface won't absorb spills, the entire car seat travel tray is simple and quick to clean. 
Boxiki Kids car accessories for kids are 100% safe and fun – guaranteed 100% BPA free, phthalate free and asthma friendly.

Fits most commercial car seats, simply clip closed around your child's waist. Suitable for children who can sit independently in a car seat or booster seat.


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