Finger Pinch Guards by Boxiki Kids

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  • PROTECT LITTLE FINGERS: Curious little hands love to explore and experience all of the objects they encounter. Help keep them safe with these soft, protective door guards.
  • DOOR SLAM PREVENTERS: Whether you’re spending time in the bathroom, laundry room, or baby room, these soft and cheery door guards will gently stop heavy doors from slamming shut and are an essential tool for child safety.
  • KEEP KIDS FROM GETTING LOCKED IN: While protecting delicate fingers, these colorful door bumper guards also keep your precocious toddlers as well as your pets from inadvertently closing and locking a door behind them.
  • EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION: These colorful door props easily slip around the side or top of doors and are designed for a snug fit. When not in use, they will fit around the door knob for storage.
  • WILL NOT DAMAGE DOOR FRAMES: Made from high quality soft foam, these safe and simple slam bumpers will not scratch, dent, or mar door frames or door jambs and are easily removed.

A Simple Solution for Door Safety 

There is nothing babies, kids, and toddlers love more than to explore and experience the world around them, especially in their own home. Swinging hinges and slamming doors can seem like a fun and tempting toy for curious little hands. In today’s world, baby proofing door knobs may be a no-brainer, but many parents don’t consider or aren’t aware of the additional door safety option of finger pinch guards.

This four pack of cute, colorful door slam stoppers is a great solution to keep small fingers safe and unharmed. Made with adorable animal designs, they are fun for children and easy to see at a glance for adults. In addition to protecting fingers, the soft stoppers also will prevent doors from closing completely, so you’ll never have to worry about a child or a pet accidentally closing and locking a door and becoming trapped behind it.


  • Protect your child’s delicate hands.
  • Easily placed over the side or top of a door.
  • Bright colorful designs make door guards easy to see.
  • High quality soft foam.
  • Easily installed and reusable.
  • Protects door frames and jambs as well as children and pets.

Effortless Installation

These soft foam pinch guards are engineered to fit snug over the top or the side of doors and easily slip on and off requiring no tools, screws or adhesives. They are completely reusable and made from high quality foam. In addition to protecting babies and toddlers, these door stoppers are also soft and gentle enough to ensure that door frames will not be scuffed, scratched, or dented even if a heavy door is slammed hard.


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