RFID Blocking Sleeves Anti-Theft 15 Set (Navy Blue) by Boxiki Travel

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  • RFID SECURE SLEEVES - designed to protect credit cards, debit cards, money cards, identification cards, and passports from electronic fraud and theft; ultimate protection for the 21st century traveler

  • ADVANCED RFID - blocking material is thin, lightweight, perfect for travel, and protects against scanning of digital and electronic chips by hackers and thieves; tested, certified and proven effective

  • ELECTRONIC ARMOR - for your most valuable bank cards and ID cards; prevents skimming, scanning, and common crimes that allow electronic access to your smart cards; also water- and tear-resistant

  • SIMPLE TO USE - for superior convenience and safety; this electromagnetically secure shield protects against identity theft and fraud; you have perfect peace of mind, never be a victim of high-tech crime

  • INCLUDES - 12x RFID credit card holder and 3x RFID passport protector; RFID blocking sleeves designed for larger travel wallets and RFID blocking wallets for ultimate fraud prevention and travel safety
15-Pack Identity Theft Prevention RFID Blocking Sleeves by Boxiki Travel offer the most advanced anti-theft prevention against 21st century identity theft and fraud:
  •  Advanced RFID blocking material
  •  Secure from electromagnetic intrusion
  •  Thin and lightweight, fit in travel wallets
  •  Water- and tear-resistant

These RFID credit card protectors and RFID passport protectors offer superior protection from common crimes that could cost you thousands of dollars and massive hassles.

Don't Be an Identity Theft Victim!

High-tech crime is a nightmare scenario for travelers at busy airports, rail stations, and port terminals – thieves using electronic skimmers are everywhere!

15-Pack Identity Theft Prevention RFID Blocking Sleeves by Boxiki Travel prevent thieves from stealing critical information electronically stored on your smart cards, including account numbers, PIN numbers, license numbers, expiration dates, card security codes (CSC), card verification values (CVV), names, addresses, dates of birth, and much more.

Advanced Protection Against High-Tech Crime

Criminals use sophisticated electronic devices to scan your smart cards and passport and steal the information stored on them. They can do this from several feet away, without you ever knowing your private financial and identity information has been stolen.

That information is used within seconds to empty your bank accounts, run up massive charges, and open fraudulent accounts in your name. It can take weeks and months (if ever!) to recover from the financial damage of identity theft and online fraud... the only solution is not to be a victim!


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