Premium Non-Stick 12-Cup Silicone Liners Muffin Pan by Boxiki Kitchen

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  • PREMIUM NON-STICK SILICONE – Easy-release textured surface does not cling to foods or create a mess, dishwasher safe; FDA approved food-grade silicone, no BPAs, non-toxic; safe in oven, freezer, dishwasher

  • KEEPS PERFECT SHAPE – Even after hundreds of uses, thanks to durable high quality steel frame; resists bending, warping and sagging, provides maximum service life; stain and odor resistant

  • SAVE MONEY & EAT HEALTHIER! - No need for expensive kitchen gadgets, this pan can do it all! Endless possibilities: muffins pan - cupcake pan - quiche pan - tart pan – mini omelets/lasagnas/Chicken Pot Pie Cups and many more! Silicone Muffin mold with steel frame is the best for you

  • 50 BEST MUFFIN RECIPES INCLUDED – Bake like a professional with our “Top 50 Delightful Muffin Pan Recipes” eBook, free with your purchase; 50 delicious cupcake recipes that are easy, fun and healthy

  • LIVE TIME WARRANTY - Shop with confidence. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or money back.

Perfect Kitchen and Baking Performance

The 12-Cup Silicone Muffin Pan with Steel Frame by Boxiki Kitchen lets you cook just like the pros!
No more foods sticking to the pan, no more messy cleanup, no more cooking and baking hassles. Only healthy baking without grease and no mess.

Everything You Want from a Muffin Pan

The Professional Non-Stick Muffin Tin is a product of intelligent design and exceptional quality materials:

  •  FDA approved food-grade silicone. 
  •  BPA-free. 
  •  Resists stains and odors. 
  •  Easy to clean, dishwasher safe. 
  •  Durable steel frame. 
  •  Convenient size - 17.7” long x 10.7” wide x 1.4” deep, 12 full-sized bake cups. 
  •  Safe for use in oven up to 500°F, refrigerator and freezer up to -50°F.

We are the favorite of thousands of cooks!

Superior Kitchen Convenience & Easy Baking

Optimal design ensures maximum convenience benefits, including effortless cleaning, easy storage and extremely long service life. This pan has a sturdy, high quality steel frame that prevents warping, sagging and bending.
Enjoy years of the best cooking and baking performance!

Bonus Gift – Free Recipe Book!

How does a great cookware product get even better? With a gift. Enjoy our “Top 50 Delightful Muffin Pan Recipes” eBook free with your purchase.
50 of muffin recipes perfect for your new oven baking dish, including mini-cakes, desserts, cupcakes, pound cakes and much more.


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