8 PC Adjustable Anti-Tip Furniture Anchor Safety Straps by Boxiki Kids

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  • HEAVY DUTY. Anti-tip safety straps are made with strong plastic for added protection; dresser anchor holds firm during natural disasters with earthquake restraints. Feel at ease knowing that your furniture is anchored and resistant to child tampering
  • HOME SAFETY. 8 PC white furniture tipping restraint gives parents and homeowners peace of mind as buckles are sturdy reinforcing durable wall mounts; child-proofing dresser and TV makes for secure furniture even in the most unexpected of circumstances
  • EASY TO USE & INSTALL. Imagine anchoring your furniture with ease; Hassle free installation for furniture safety and childproofing; adjustable and detachable TV straps are easy to install and easy to use
  • FURNITURE SAFETY UNMATCHED. Securing your furniture has never been easier nor more effective; Anchoring straps offer strong hold while TV tether is adjustable offering great reach; customizable to your home
  • CHILDPROOFING GIFT. Baby proofing white TV tether secures flat-screen effectively; danger lurks within the home, give the gift of safety. Wonderful baby shower gift set for parents and children.

 Improved Safety

TV anchor kit is a package of 8 pieces of heavy duty safety straps for the securing of furniture. The home is filled with hidden dangers, this wonderful child proofing product makes installation a breeze. 

  • 100 %Safe
  • Child safety accents
  • Heavy duty plastic
  • Adjustable anti-tip straps 25.685 mm
  • Wonderful childproofing gift

Your home will be transformed from a potential danger zone to a safe haven for the entire family. Curiosity can lead to child endangerment in the home; while you ought not stifle their exploration tendencies you most certainly can reduce the likelihood of tipping dangers with these anti-tip furniture straps.

Simple and effective

Anti-tip furniture kit is packaged with all required screws and brackets for mounting. The adjustable tether can be fixed to accommodate your flat screen TV or child proof your dresser. The white anchor for TV is 25.685 mm allowing for good measure during installation. This set effectively secures furniture, peace of mind has never been easier.

Give the gift of safety

Baby proofing white TV wall straps set is an ideal gift for the home. Safety is important to all members of the family and there is great peace of mind when potential danger zones are transformed to safety zones. 8 pcs anti-tip kit allows all furniture it is attached to, to become child safety items. These adjustable tethers set entails all mounting hardware required to secure furniture.


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