Multipurpose Meat Thermometer with Long Probe by Astorn

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  • GET THE COOKING RESULTS YOU WANT Ready to master your cooking skills? This food thermometer helps you achieve perfectly moist meats, premium candies and crispy deep fried foods. No more dry roasts, failed baking projects or undercooked steaks
  • ACCURATE INSTANT READ This accurate meat thermometer has a high precision sensor that displays temperatures readings within 10 seconds. Instantly know the temperature of your cuisine without risking loss of heat or moisture
  • LONG PROBE THERMOMETERProtect your hands and perfect your cooking! The long metal probe thermometer keeps your hands away from heat and oil splatters, while the thin needle design enables you to read core temperatures without damaging your work
  • WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE This stainless steel meat thermometer has a reading range of -50° C/-58 F° — 300 C°/ 572 F°. From your hottest grilled meats to your coldest iced beverages, it can handle all your indoor and outdoor cooking thermometer needs
  • MULTI-PURPOSE SOLUTION Whether youre a baker, chef, or master on the grill, this meat and candy thermometer is a comprehensive solution. Use it for steak, poultry or burgers, as well as candy, baked goods, baby formula, craft beverages and more!

Master Your Cooking, Baking and Grilling Techniques!

Tired of roasting dry poultry, undercooking steak, or heating your homemade candy or craft coffee beverage to the wrong temperature? This digital thermometer probe instantly takes accurate temperature readings, so you can know the exact heat of your creation and prepare it perfectly every time. Whether youre grilling perfectly tender steaks, roasting a savory holiday meal, making homemade toffees and brittles, or fixing up a frothy morning lattethis kitchen thermometer probe will help you achieve the results you want.


  • Lightweight cooking, baking & grilling thermometer
  • Long probe protects hands and preserves food quality
  • 50°C /-58°F300°C/ 572°F temperature range
  • Memory of last temperature reading
  • Low battery sensation and display
  • 10 minutes auto shutdown for power saving (optional)
  • °C  and °F options available

Benefits of Long Probe Cooking Thermometers

Why choose a long cooking thermometer probe? A long, slender probe tip allows you to read core temperatures without cutting into your dish or making a wide puncture marks into your meats. This protects the aesthetic of your dish and keeps all the juices, heat and flavor in your meat where it belongs!

Multi-Purpose Use

Whether youre preparing holiday meals, stepping up your weeknight meal plan, mastering your BBQ skills, or honing your candy making and barista techniquesthis quick read thermometer is a comprehensive solution! Use it for steak, poultry or burgers, as well as candy, baked goods, baby formula, craft beverages and more. Work with ease, swiftness and precision and get the results you want, every time.

Gift Ideas

Looking for a practical gift idea for food bloggers, aspiring baristas, home chefs, or barbecue pros? Kitchen thermometers are an essential tool that any food prep artist would love to receive!


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