8 PC Space Saver Vacuum Bags (Jumbo) + Travel Pump by Smart Storage

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  • PACK, STORE & ORGANIZE Ready to tackle your storage space, organize your closets, or pack up the house for a move? These jumbo vacuum storage bags will protect and compress your clothes, and help you get the space saving results you need
  • SPRUCE UP YOUR CLOSET Seasonal clothes, blankets or towels taking up all your storage space? These airtight storage bags for clothes vacuum all the air out of your items, helping you save space and transform your closet into an accessible space
  • TRAVEL WITH EASE Preparing for a long trip or packing up your home for a move? Simplify your travel experience by using these space saver bags to compress clothes, blankets or pillows. Take the hand pump with you to repack for the trip home
  • LASTING AIRTIGHT PROTECTION These compression storage bags suck all the air out and keep it out. No gradual leaking, unsealing or re-inflating. You can rest assured that these bag storage units will keep your items clean, compact and protected
  • ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTIONThis pack of eight jumbo space saver vacuum bags includes one travel-sized hand pump and works with any vacuum. Made of thick, durable materials, these plastic vacuum bags are the hassle-free way to enjoy an organized closet!

Ultimate Space Storage Solution!

Is your closet overflowing with seasonal clothes, pillows or blankets? These airtight storage bags are an easy, cost effective way to start saving space and enjoying a tidy home. This bag storage pack provides you with everything needed to maximize your space and effectively store clothes, bedding, childhood keepsakes and more. Made with high quality materials, these compression storage bags protect from dust and mildew, and keep everything fresh, clean and ready to use. Its time to stop dreading your closets and start experiencing the relief of a beautiful, tidy space!


  • 8 Piece Storage Bag Pack
  • Works With Any Vacuum
  • Protect from Mold, Dust & Pests
  • Airtight, Waterproof & Reusable
  • Reduce Original Volume by 80%
  • 8 Jumbo Vacuum Bags
  • 1 Travel Hand Pump

Travel Companion

Packing for a long trip or loading your suitcase with warm layers for a winter holiday? Make the most of your suitcase by compressing your clothes. Toss the lightweight, travel-sized hand pump on top to pack again for the trip home!

Multi-Purpose Use

Use these space saving bags around your home to make the most of your closet and storage space by compressing essentials like your winter clothes, bedding, pillows and towels. Your childrens favorite stuffed animals, baby clothes and blankets make lovely memories, but they can also make storage a nightmare. Use these vacuum space saver bags to keep your kids keepsakes neatly tucked away. These storing bags provide a practical and hassle-free solution for all your storage needs. Its time to start saving space!

Gift Ideas

In search of a practical gift this holiday season? This pack of 8 storage bags with pump is a wonderful option! Versatile, easy-to use, and truly practicalthese space saver vacuum bags will be appreciated in any household!


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